The highs and lows of MCTD meds when travelling

January 10, 2013

I’m about to head back to Australia after a couple of weeks in New York and New Orleans. This has been my first trip that has a major time zone change – usually my trips are only about two hours difference. This time there has been jetlag and confusion and all the fun that comes with that.

I wasn’t sure what I should do about when to take my medication but decided to take it on Australian time. Which means while I usually take my handful of pills at 7am, I am taking them at 2pm or 3pm in the afternoon, mostly so I will be able to get back into my routine when I get home.

There are a couple of key perks and downfalls of the time change.

Perk one:
Taking steroids in the afternoon means I’ve been able to stay up really late when we hit the town. I’m that friend that usually hits a wall at midnight and needs to go home. Steroids seem to keep me up until 4am – long after jetlag should have worn off.

Downfall one:

Steroids seem to keep me up until 4am. When we aren’t out hitting the town, I’ve lain awake in bed every night, heart racing and thoughts flying about.

Perk two:

I don’t have to wake up and race to find breakfast if I don’t feel like breakfast just to take a handful of pills. I’m ready to go as soon as I get out of bed. It’s easier to have a snack in the afternoon and take medication then.

Downfall two:

I hit a wall around 1pm, start to feel pain that normally is covered by sleep and often got very tired for a few hours in the middle of the day.

Pretty soon I’ll be back Down Under and on my normal schedule but it’s been an interesting experiment. Ah the fascination I find in my MCTD existence.


3 Responses to “The highs and lows of MCTD meds when travelling”

  1. Beverley said

    what a challenge!! just hope you had a fabbo time around it all? (i’m guessing this is a yes!!). and, at least you missed some sweltering weather – it’s been hell for raynaudsies, i tell ya!! were yours warm enough in ny? :o)

  2. Alexa said

    stumbled on your blog, and I feel your pain! I was just recently diagnosed with MCTD and am sharing my experience as well. check it out!

    • Hi Alex. Thanks for the comment and link. Just letting you know things can get better and you will adjust…to an extent. Try and stay positive. Its what gets me through.

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