November 27, 2011

One of the major hurdles a chronic illness sufferer has to face is the newly imposed limits on many aspects of their life. At first you discover these limits but coming face to face with them unexpectedly, like when a game of basketball becomes impossible over night because the running exhausts, the throwing of the ball sends shooting pains through the shoulders and jumping more than 5cm off the ground is unthinkable.
But what happens, after living with MCTD for two years, properly medicated when you’ve become so used to saying ‘no I can’t do that’ when you realise that maybe, just maybe….you’re imposing your own limits and it’s time to start pushing.
Life is good. It took a lot of time and grieving and adjustment to get here but now, life is good.

My only real issue is the fact that I’m sick of saying no to things. Saying no to music festivals, to bowling, to a bush walk, to kayaking, to camping, to Body Combat, to Body Attack, to backpacking….too much!

Then I had a realisation….how do I know I can’t do all these things? Since I’ve found my drug balance, maybe I should just start saying yes.

If I remove my own limits by trying a few things here in Sydney….see how bad the consequences are and if I can get out of bed the next few days….then that is something I can tick off my list.

To take the next step…if I can do it here in Oz….I can do something similar overseas.
And it is those limits that “I’ve” imposed on travel that I’m dying to not only push….but absolutely smash out of the park.

Well…I’ll keep you posted.


One Response to “Limitless”

  1. Shannon said

    What an incredible post, and so true! We aren’t the only ones that limit ourselves either, others do it for us. I am so tired of hearing that I shouldn’t be doing something from a doctor or physical therapist. What kind of life does that leave us with? I finally told my PT that I wasn’t going to slow down, it was his job to put everything back into alignment after I overdid it and knocked everything out of whack. Thanks for the words of wisdom, good luck and keep me posted! I am going to keep pushing the limits here in Ohio!!

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