The Yum-Cha Curse

September 11, 2011

NB: It’s been a while I know. I actually wrote the below post weeks ago but felt too sick that day to post it (I’ll blame it on the Yum Cha)but for the last few weeks, with a new mix of plaquenil and methotrexate (and of course the usual prednisolone and anti inflams) I’m feeling really great. To other MCTD sufferers….you can actually feel basically normal with the right cocktail and a bit of luck. Plus a dose of happiness has helped me a long too. xx Nomes

The Yum-Cha Curse
After a night out on the town, Yum Cha is a favourite brunch choice of mine and my friends…those strange little parcels of steamed or fried Chinese snacks delivered regularly to our table.

But I have an issue with Yum Cha. Generally the doors don’t open until 11, it’s my first meal of the day and what that means for an MCTD sufferer, is that I don’t take my medication until after I’ve eaten….at around midday. Because I can’t take my pills without eating but I don’t want to ruin the Yum Cha experience, I wait it out.

The problem, of course, is that I rely on my medication to get through the day, and when I take it during the working week, it’s getting into my system from 7.30am.

The scary thing is, when I go to Yum Cha, this is when I really notice how much I can’t function without the medication. By 11am my body is feeling incredibly heavy and sore, I find it hard to lift my arms up, my neck hurts when I turn my head, I start walking in slow motion and stairs become a nightmare. I’ll get shooting pains in my hands and sometimes it hurts to breathe. In addition to the physical pain my mind gets scattered and all I can focus on is when will I get the drugs and start feeling better.

I get grumpy and frustrated and short with my friends…yep, it’s a wonder they still go to Yum Cha with me. I think they do understand though when they actually see me deteriorate in front of their eyes. So while we scoff pork buns and spring rolls I look forward to my last bite when I can scoff my little handful of pills and start the day.


2 Responses to “The Yum-Cha Curse”

  1. lisakamphuis said

    Hi Naomi,
    Just wanted to say that I started my blog. . It’s all in Dutch so probably gibbrish to you. Still wanted to let you know.

    The title translates as ‘chronically happy’. Because as you say at the top of this post next to the right mix of medication staying postive and being happy is of the utmost importance!
    Regards, Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,

      Good on you!! That’s awesome that you’ve started your blog…yep typically Aussie I can only speak English so won’t be able to read your Dutch blog but I wish you all the success with it and with your health. Stay in touch.

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