Ohhh biopsy…not autopsy

July 2, 2011

Sometimes your mind does a word association without you realising it and when my rheumatologist told me recently I might need a biopsy on my recurring welts I’ll admit, I was a little scared. Mostly because I think I thought it was something major…and coz it sounds like autopsy. Well I’m happy to report that a biopsy is not such a huge deal, although not all that pleasant when it’s on your backside.

As a reminder, I have had these strange red welts about the size of a large coin, they are hard and raised and sore, after a few days they fade to brownish purple and then disappear. The problem recently has been that everytime some fade, new ones come up so I’ve been left looking black, blue and red and feeling quite sore. It’s incredibly frustrating and I’ve been left wondering if I will forever be tarnished like this. So, my rheumatologist managed to get me in very quickly for a biopsy with the Skin and Cancer Foundation – where doctors train to be dermatologists. I have to say…I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this clinic. Is that weird? Yes it is, especially when it involved me wearing a gaping gown, lying on a table with people taking photos of my welts, prodding me and discussing how interesting it is.

The reason I enjoyed my visit was the people. From the doctors, to the nurses, to the anesthesiologist and reception – everyone was so friendly and chatty and cracking jokes. It seemed like a great place to work and I felt totally fine with being so exposed and having more and more people coming in to give their opinions.

The only bit that really hurt was the needle for the anesthesia, the digging around and cutting out fat cells (or whatever they were doing back there) I couldn’t feel at all. It was amazing. So now I have a couple of stitches and I have to go back to get them out and see what they can find out.

What I really hope they don’t do is tell me it is just a part of the illness and there is nothing they can do to stop them, because as much as I liked the clinic….I don’t want become a regular visitor.


4 Responses to “Ohhh biopsy…not autopsy”

  1. susana said

    Naomi I can’t believe it! I have those same welts you are describing since I was nine years old. Mine stopped reappearing when the doctor decided to put me on Amantadine. The dermatologist described it as a virus stemming from an autoimmune condition.
    They usually appear when I am very run down, emotionally stressed or have an infection. Mine start out as small welts that turn into a red ring with a blueish purple center the longer they stay the bigger they become.
    Hope your welts disappear and you get back to semi-normal health. I say semi-normal because MCTD is nothing normal.

    • Hi Susana, See, this is why I do love this blog, it’s always good to know others understand what you’re going through. I’ll google that medication and mention to my rheumy that that seemed to work for you. Hopefully they figure something out though. Funny though, I’m less stressed and emotional now than I have been for the last year or more…who knows. Hope you’re well.

  2. Hehe ‘cracking jokes’…

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