New Zealand with the worst travelling partner: MCTD

February 13, 2011

Well I did it. I went on my first trip with MCTD. Of course, while I was travelling with the worst travelling partner (MCTD itself) I also had the best travelling partner…my mum.

I don’t know if it was cheating but on the days when I was in too much pain to drive and the fact that I was happy to be in bed at 10pm every night…made Mum the perfect person to hit the road with.

The decision I made with this trip, was I was going to do whatever I wanted and deal with the consequences in the days that followed…and this is exactly how it worked.

I went on the jetboat ride on Shotover River in Queenstown…despite the ‘summer’ temperatures my fingers and toes froze white and I felt a little achey from the bumps of the river.

I decided the next day to do the eco-ziptrek through the forest in Queenstown. Did it involve gliding from tree to tree and hanging upside down from a harness? Why yes! Did it involve a ten minute trek up hill in icy wind? Of course! Did I feel like I had been beaten by a bat for the two or three days the followed? No doubt about it.

I felt for Mum who had to deal with me wincing and crying out when my left forearm kept catching and feeling like I had a sharp, snapped bone in my arm that had to be held as though it was broken and in a cast.

Some relief came with a wonderful massage that took place in our room in Queenstown, however for me I felt relaxed, painfree and peaceful whereas Mum became dizzy and sick from the flow of energy.

We faced a slight dilemma the next day as I was in too much pain to move much, let alone drive and Mum was battling her dizziness. Throw in a windy road up a mountain and we were facing a challenge. Mum being Mum (and the greatest travel buddy) took it for the team and drove the five hours on to Fox Glacier.

Mum insisted on getting me some Mersyndol to kill the pain, relax me and help me sleep but we were fighting the clock, before jumping on the train from Greymouth to Christchurch and apparently the laws had just changed in NZ and we needed a pharmacist to hand over the drugs.

The first chemist the pharmacist was busy and the other at lunch, same at the second one. Finally we got asked a million questions and the medication was handed over in time for us to power walk to the train.

New Zealand is beautiful place, I was so lucky to have my mum by my side. The question remains…will I ever be able to travel alone again?


3 Responses to “New Zealand with the worst travelling partner: MCTD”

  1. di connell said

    well naomi, you did it. you are a real trooper. i admire your persistence even when you know you will suffer but you still soldier on. as for your mum i know the struggle she has with her dizziness. she is amazing and that’s where you get you determination from. i hope this post will help and encourage others with mctd and maybe some other diseases to never give and keep on keeping on and to make the most of life. keep it up and your positive attitude. so proud of you. you’re a real trooper.

  2. Rebecca Joyce said

    You sure it wasn’t a “win-ding” road, Nomes? 😉 So glad to hear you had a good trip and that you got to do what you wanted to. Talk to you soon, love Bec.

  3. Sharon Joyce said

    Dearest Nomes, I know you really took me along just to carry your bags!!!! But I sure had a good time. Thanks. You still amaze me the way you face everyday and opportunity with a great positive attitude. I am sure that we can all learn from you how to face what life throws our way. You actually were a great travelling partner and although I would have loved Joe to experience our trip I had a wonderful and memorable few days with you. Take care my Darling girl.

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