The Longest Night: An MCTD Poem

August 26, 2010

It wasn’t long ago,
But time has slowed right down,
Back then my eyes smiled freely,
While now they seem to frown.

A year ago, or less,
I had health on my side,
I could not have been prepared,
For this undesired ride.

My body was obedient,
It did what it was told,
Now it does its own thing,
And acts as if it’s old.

My toes a frozen purple,
My fingers numb and white,
No hand warmers or gloves,
Seem to make them right. 

If my day seems active,
My body bears the strain,
I’ll be paying for my actions,
In short, I’ll be in pain.

I exercise no longer,
My heart races coz of drugs,
I rely on tablets,
And much needed hugs. 

I thank my friends for patience,
I thank my family for support,
I thank the doctors for their knowledge,
Of this strange disease I’ve caught. 

My shoulders ache,
My wrists feel weak,
My joints are swollen,
And relief I seek. 

You’d think the worst part,
Would be the ache,
But in truth it’s the sadness,
I just can’t take. 

It’s the daily tears,
The lack of control,
The fear of disappearing
Inside this dark hole. 

The day might be clear,
The pain might be slight,
But I’m still waiting for day,
To end this long night.

-Naomi Joyce August 2010


11 Responses to “The Longest Night: An MCTD Poem”

  1. Claire McKenzie said

    Geez Nomes,

    Fantastic poem, even if it did almost make me cry. Our door is always open for company and hugs.

    Claire xx

  2. Bev said

    Consider yourself cyber-hugged!! And, lotsa wishes for improved health SOON!! :o)

  3. Kristen said

    Gentle Hugs…..

  4. Danielle said

    This says it all… gonna through the worst pains ever right now.. I’m gonna use your poem on my facebook.

    • Hi Danielle, No worries, go ahead with the poem. I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering right now. I just had an awful flare up this week but its settled down now. Hope you’re doing well now.-Naomi

  5. Bec said

    This is so beautiful and so sad Nomes. Love you babe! The way you are putting into words how you are feeling is truely wonderful and inspiring xoxoxo

  6. […] you read my poem The Longest Night: An MCTD Poem? Posted by naomijoyce83 Filed in Uncategorized ·Tags: 2010, 2011, Christmas, chronic […]

    • a r said

      i was recently diagnosed with mctd not sure exactly what im in for but drugs and pain and more of the fatigue no matter how much i fight it makes me haft to slow my daily chores down as i ware out easily it sucks and i feel mad and ask what did i do so wrong to be punished with this its horrible been like this for a few yrs but just got worse and finally tests showed it and now im deseased what a pay back for trying to be a good person

  7. Holly said

    Your poem is powerful and moving. You help so many others when you express so well. Thank you.

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