There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain

June 20, 2010

…and I found it. Was so excited last week to finally start doing some regular exercise. At the moment I walk 15 minutes from the station to work and that is enough to tire me out but I knew that I needed to do more so I re-started my gym membership which has been on hold for 8 months and I am going swimming at St Leonards gym’s pool. I bought myself a one piece and jumped on in.

After five minutes I literally thought…’that should do it!’ but pushed myself to 15 minutes, at that point I thought, well I could last 20 minutes and then went ‘what the heck! Half an hour.’

I couldn’t do freestyle so I alternated between breastroke, kicking on my back and the good old doggy paddle. I had to giggle at myself dogging paddling next to these serious swimmers but it’s all I could handle.

I felt pretty good afterwards, tired but accomplished.

Unfortunately, 3 days later I am sooo sore. Been throwing back the panadeine forte which places me on a nice floaty cloud for bit but I really don’t want the pain to put me off swimming. I know it will be good for me.

My shoulders, forearms, upper back and wrists feel like someone has smashed me across them with a wooden plank. But I imagine it will ease tomorrow.

The fun thing about this disease (see how positive I am 😉 ) is that the pain changes without rhyme or reason. If I have aching, painful wrists today, tomorrow they will probably be fine and my knees might hurt. It’s the strangest thing but it helps you get through the day of pain knowing it will probably be gone tomorrow.

So on Wednesday I’m going to give aqua aerobics a shot. Join the old ladies, donning my new white swimming cap and getting fit! Woo!


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